Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dear BBC schedulers....

Dear BBC schedulers,

I'm a Pointless megafan. On the bell curve labelled 'level of interest in Pointless' I'm way out there on the furthest right hand edge. But even I am beginning to wonder if you're deliberately trying to put people off watching.

Over the past month or so, BBC1 has shown a couple of weeks of new shows, followed by a block of repeats. On Monday 12th December, we have new shows again.

For three days.

That's right, on the Thursday of that week it's repeats again, running (by the looks of it) all the way up to Christmas.

Richard Osman has said in interviews that more than 1200 shows have now been recorded. You haven't shown the 1000th episode yet. What are you hanging on to them all for? (Not Christmas, evidently.)

I understand that you need to get your money's worth out of your commission, so repeats are inevitable. But why not at least string them all together (Summer would be the obvious time) so we can get a long, uninterrupted run of new shows at other times?

Please, schedulers. For the love of Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Kiribati, of Dysprosium, Darmstadtium, and Neodymium, give us our Pointless!


Team Xander

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