Sunday, 18 September 2016

Alexander Armstrong and Endemol fast-track episode of Pointless for contestant with terminal cancer

Lucy Booth (right) recorded Pointless last year. Her appearance was due to be shown in July, but was rescheduled by the BBC to mid-September.

By this time, she was sadly in the final stages of breast cancer. A family friend, Sue Winter, wrote to Alexander Armstrong begging him to do what he could to change the air date.
I beg you from the bottom of my heart, Lucy is amazing and is fighting as hard as she can but her options are dwindling fast,
Lucy has really not let it take over her life. Last year when she and her mum went to London to film the show they had a wonderful experience.

I’m afraid that the cancer is now fighting back with extra ground troops deployed throughout Lucy’s body. She is now very poorly.

Please Alexander can you make some calls and have the Booth girls episode shown much sooner than that so that Lucy will be able to watch it?
Xander liaised with production company Endemol, who make Pointless, and a few weeks ago they sent Lucy a DVD of her appearance on the show. She was able to watch it in the hospice with her mum.

When the episode was finally broadcast, it ended with a tribute to Lucy.

Well done, Xander and Endemol, and sympathies to Lucy's family and friends.

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