Thursday, 22 September 2016

Crikey boss, it's new Danger Mouse!

The brand new series 2 of Danger Mouse, with Xander as Danger Mouse, premieres from 3rd October, at 6.45pm on CBBC.

Monday the 3rd's episode sees Danger Mouse take on Greenback as a 300-year old mouse, after the Baron speeds up the rotation of Earth. Can DM pull out all the stops and restore the world?

On Tuesday Penfold becomes a fully-fledged celebrity after an act of heroism saving Scarlett Johamster on Help I’m A Hamster in the Jungle puts him in the spotlight, although DM suspects that all is not what it seems.

On Wednesday a CATastrophe hits earth and only DM can stop things from getting too hairy when cute kittens begin replacing humans.

It’s time for Danger Mouse to face the music onThursday when he goes undercover as the fifth member of Quark’s mega-popular (but secretly evil) boy band.

And Friday the 7th's episode is the stuff of dreams as DM takes on Quark again, but this time in his strangest setting yet: Penfold’s dreams!

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